Pasteurisation with ByoPast

With the ByoPast technology, manure, digestate or other substrates can be pasteurised according to the EG standards 1069/2009 or BS-PAS-110. Pasteurisation can be a necessary step in order to be allowed to spread digestate on the fields. Or when taking in a waste stream into a biogas plant Or when digestate products have to be exported. The heat necessary for the pasteurisation process is usually eligible for a heat bonus or can be recovered. 


The substrate is heated with our modular tube-in-tube heat exchanger to temperatures above 70°C. When reaching the temperature, the substrate is pumped into one of the three pasteurisation tanks. The substrate is kept above 70°C for over an hour to make sure bacteria and germs are killed and the pasteurisation process is ensured. If a batch fails to stay one hour above 70°C, the batch is re-heated through a by-pass and processed again. Unpasteurised substrate does not come into contact with already pasteurised material.

By using the three tanks a continuous substrate flow can be handled, because 1 tank is filled in an hour, at the same time another tank is kept at a temperature above 70°C, while the third tank is being emptied in one hour. This way the process is continuous, so the demand of heat is also continuous. The system is controllable and predictable, and it is easy to use a heat source and even recover heat. Depending on local demands, viscosity of the medium and customer’s preference the tanks can be fitted with a (top flange) agitator.     

Modular set-up

The systems of Byosis are always build in a modular lay-out e.g. container and/or skid mounted set-up. Therefore, they are tested prior to transportation and can easily be integrated into new or existing plants. The ByoPast system also uses the modular, tube-in-tube heat exchangers so the system can easily be upgraded or altered (e.g. to a higher throughput, to extend cleaning intervals, with a CIP-system). 

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ByoFlex in practice

Ballymena Plant, Northern Ireland



Who's Byosis?

Byosis combines and translates her extended knowledge with digestion and fermentation processes into practical and feasible solutions. Byosis offers solutions that improve the efficiency and capacity of the digestion process considerably.

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