Tully AD plant Ballymena

Northern Ireland

ByoFlex in use at the Tully AD plant Ballymena

The Tully Centralised Anaerobic Digestion Plant designed and built by Nature Energy, uses the ammonia stripping technology of ByoFlex® to allow the plant to use, as feedstock, up to 100% poultry litter. It is one of the first anaerobic digestion plants in the world able to do so.

The challenge

The plant wanted to process 100% poultry litter to produce biogas. To be able to do this the plant had to deal with the ammonia intoxication caused by the high nitrogen content of poultry litter.

Normally the ammonia intoxication would cause the methane producing bacteria to die and stop the biogas production.

Our approach

With the ByoFlex® technology the ammonia intoxication can be controlled by constantly removing a part of the ammonium from the substrate. This substrate with low ammonium content will be used to dilute the fresh incoming poultry litter. In this way the ammonium content is controlled, so that the bacteria can optimally produce biogas. By constantly monitoring the system, it can be adjusted where necessary.  

The results

The plant now successfully processes 40.000 tons of poultry litter each year to produce biogas and 3 MW of renewable electricity. With the ByoFlex® technology they also produce a high-quality organic fertilizer.


Specifications and features


  • Delivery 2×10 m3/hr ByoFlex® system; commissioned in 2017
  • Integrated control system of stripper to maximize operational flexibility
  • Up to 75% reduction of ammonia from the thin fraction after a decanter
  • Already pasteurized liquid is taken in; no extra heat source needed
  • Production of ammonium sulphate with 8% N and 9% S; pH neutral
  • Reliable, flexible, with low operating and maintenance costs
  • Services contract with remote monitoring, trouble shooting, spare parts delivery and periodic inspections


Xergi, Ballymena
Ballymena, Northern Ireland

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About the systems

Ballymena Plant uses ByoFlex



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