3B Energie plant Bad Bentheim


Recover ammonium from thin fraction with ByoFlex

The biogas plant of 3B-Energie GmbH, owned and managed by the Schulte Siering family uses the ByoFlex® technology to recover ammonium from the thin fraction of their digestate. Besides the ByoFlex® tests are also being carried out on the removal of phosphate.

The challenge

3B-Energie is limited in spreading the liquid fraction in the surrounding fields. The plant is situated in a livestock-rich environment with a surplus of nutrients of animal origin, therefore part of the nitrogen from the digestate must be transported to areas with shortages. Or it must be converted to a different form of fertilizer.

Our approach

By removing and converting the ammonium from the liquid fraction with the ByoFlex® technology, 3B-Energie obtains a liquid fraction low in nitrogen and a high value nitrogen rich fertilizer.

This allows3B-Energie to spread more over the surrounding fields with more flexibility as to how and when to spread.

The results

The plant processes 40.000 tons of substrates each year, generates 2 MWe of renewable electricity and an equivalent amount of heat. The ByoFlex unit was expanded in 2018 with a lime dosing unit, a flocculation unit, a phosphate reactor and a decanter to further increase the stripping efficiency, reduce the DM-content and phosphate level of the thin fraction. Phosphate is also a limiting parameter in the area (surrounding fields) in addition to nitrogen.


Specifications and features


  • Delivery 5 m3/hr system ByoFlex® system for digestate and condensate; commissioned in 2017
  • Engineering of interfaces
  • Integrated control system of stripper, decanter, flocculation system, bulk storage vessels and lime unit
  • Production of ammonium sulphate with 8% N and 9% S; pH neutral, meeting the requirements of the German Manure Regulation (DüMV) 
  • Up to 95% reduction of ammonium from the thin fraction
  • Up to 75% reduction of phosphates; thin fraction after decanter contains less than 2,5% DM
  • Heat recovery by washing the exhaust gases (and condensate) after a high-load dryer
  • Enabling production of ammonium nitrate instead of, or in addition to, ammonium sulphate


Schulte Siering, 3B Energie
Bad Bentheim, Germany

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About the systems

3B Energie uses ByoFlex



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